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Square Circles  
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Square Circles
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Quilt: Early 20th Century
Size: Small (size 6 – 8)
Price: SOLD
Lining:  Polyester Taffeta

This trim, tailored blue and white beauty poses the age-old question:  Square or Circle?  Which do you see?

This early 20th Century quilt, deftly crafted, was obviously dearly loved and actively used over its life on a twin bed.  Its creator collected more than ten variations on deep blue and white calico and laid them out precisely on a pristine white background.  Years of wear had thinned parts of the calico and broken some of it. 

HC to the rescue!  Decorative overstitching on worn areas and encasing frayed ones in pale blue silk organza preserved the pattern and the drama of this high-contrast quilt.  The addition of print piping and a modern batik in a tall, stand-up collar and foldable cuffs stretched this striking quilt into this stunning jacket.  A brilliant cadet blue lining adds flash and even more energy.

This slimming jacket will stop traffic at busy intersections whether the viewers see squares or circles – or octagon stop signs.   




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