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Quilt: Log Cabin Pattern, c. 1930
Size: Medium
Price: Sold
Lining: Polyester

What’s more traditionally American than a Log Cabin pattern quilt?  Concentric squares of fabric “logs” overlap at corners just like the Lincoln Logs many of us played with as kids. 

This American icon was “turned Japanese” by Joanne with the addition of a bright red and gray modern print and a swing coat profile as her first creative leap into quilt repurposing.   Heirloom Couture was born and there was no looking back, because, if this could work, hundreds of other quilts could be made chic!

The swing shape softens and updates many “square-ish” quilts.  It gives them the chance to drape and move.  This striking coat also proves that a highly stained and faded quilt (the log cabin pattern is half faded light gray and half white with a red block at the center) can be turned into a striking fashion statement. 

Well-designed and executed quilt coats turn wear and damage into a design element, a partner in determining the direction and character of the piece.  In making this lively coat, Joanne had the strong sense that the quilter who configured the log cabins was cheering her on and encouraging her boldness.   The end result is a coat that this expert quilter, whoever she is, would have loved seeing about town!




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