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Orchid Swing
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Size:  Medium
Quilt:  Drunkard’s Path, c. 1900
Price:  Sold
Lining:  Polyester

Wedges of a delicious Dendrobium orchid print flutter alongside the winding Indigo Blue path of this jacket's turn-of-the-century hand-stitched Drunkard’s Path quilt. Lush hand-quilting crinkles the white expanses between the paths of the pieced design, while a pert ridge of piping traces the wearer's silhouette and trips along her spine. Another pretty little slash of piping edges the mouth of each roomy inset pocket; elegance aside, these are the sort of perfectly-placed, deep-slung, lined front pockets you can't wait to thrust your hands into, sashaying as you go.

Inside, the swingy garment is fully lined in a muted moss green that plays up the hushed forest of wonders feel and plays to the accents of the featured Dendrobium print. Past the three matte blue buttons hooked shut at the breastbone, the neckline builds up into an elegant modified mandarin.

It's a dangerous recipe for the rest of your wardrobe: the irresistible comfort of a timeless blue and white quilt, all lofty hand quilting and time-softened Indigo blues, elevated to wear-anywhere elegance by a couturier's sure hand and refined finishing touches. It's the sort of rare garment you could be tempted to wear for the next decade solid.




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