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Siena Winter Swing  
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Siena Winter Swing
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Quilt: Ocean Waves Top, c. 1900
Size: Medium
Price: $1,800 & shipping
Lining: Satin Polyester

You have Siena to yourselves, in all her languorous, chilled winter glory.  Always ahead of the crowd, you tour Tuscany in the quiet winter months, blending in with impeccably dressed Sienese and freed of the need to thread your way through tourist crowds.

The Siena you drink in is timeless and true; bygone centuries reveal themselves when a façade's sun-baked stucco gives way to meandering patches of ancient brickwork under foot. On long walks through cobble-stoned corridors, your one-of-a-kind winter coat suits the setting to a T.

Long, twirling and elegant, the coat’s lively surface treatment sets a turn-of-the-century quilt top off against luxurious, terra cotta-brown backdrop.  The warm, napped wool is an elegantly smooth surface like freshly troweled stucco.  Little reclaimed bits of the early quilt wend their way unpredictably hither and yon, their asymmetrical edges suggesting those patchy glimpses of Siena's own layered architectural past.

A black silky lining is concealed within; deep pockets nestle along the side seams; and three hefty burnt umber buttons gleam forth, anchored in sturdy bound buttonholes. Together, these durable details of construction bespeak a strong, enduring substructure, the perfect, sure-footed undergirding for the lacy flights of fancy that grace the garment's surface. It's a singular creation.




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