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Kansas Dragon Haori  
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Kansas Dragon Haori
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Quilt: Kansas Troubles, c. 1900
Size: Small/Medium (size 6 – 8)
Price: $1,250 plus shipping
Lining:  Cotton

Kansas Troubles was a popular sawtooth-edged pieced quilt pattern around the turn of the century. The striking version in this quilt became a candidate for repurposing because the entire backing fabric was progressively disintegrating, dangerously exposing the thin batting. Joanne’s smashing solution was to sandwich that damage between the near-pristine quilt and the perfectly coordinated cotton lining of this traditional Japanese Haori. With the backing safely out of harm's way, the charming pattern’s original glory and its dramatic graphics were further enhanced by their lay-out in an angular, timeless Kimono-like shape.

Delightful details abound, from the fantastic bright red cord (with dragon tooth?) closure and the inclusion of all the wonderful original apple-green binding (even tucked away inside the front flap of the coat) to the tangy Japanese fabric used for discrete accents as well as the entire lining of the deep sleeves. There are even two breast pockets made from the accent fabrics, one of them sized for business cards!

In this soft, warm, generous wrap, you’ll be equally comfortable turning heads at an art opening as sipping warm brandy next to a crackling fire.





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