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It'd fun seeing these quilts out on the town, Joanne Kliejunas

Commissioning an HC Piece

You can commission clothing or household decoration to be made from an heirloom you cherish, or order a piece designed for you using linens or quilt heirlooms from our collection.  HC commissions have included such diverse projects as recreating a beloved skirt design in one of our gorgeous damask linens, creating a skirt to complement an HC quilt coat, designing and making ceremonial vestments from vintage damask linens and embroideries, and others.  

If you want to use your heirloom textile, we ask you to send photos of it by mail or email, together with a description of the piece you imagine having made.  We’ll respond by phone with a quick design assessment.  If you like the possibilities outlined and would like to proceed, you will send the textile and a $100 check to begin.  With your piece in hand, a written, detailed proposal addressing the specifics of your project will be prepared and sent to you for your consideration. 

If you’d like to have something made with our fabrics, just email your idea and we’ll phone you with options that occur to us.  If any suit you, you’ll send a $100 check to begin and we’ll develop a written proposal for you.

With an Heirloom Couture proposal in your hands, we’ll review it with you by phone.  The proposal will recommend a design and provide sketches and swatches of materials suggested for accents, linings and trim.  It will also estimate materials and labor costs and determine a project price (that credits the initial $100 start-up fee).  We’ll mutually agree on any adjustments when we talk.

Upon acceptance of the proposal, a 50% deposit of the estimated cost will commence work on your piece.  Once completed, photos of it will be sent to you with the invoice for the balance due.  Insured shipping will follow immediately upon receipt of the final check for the remainder.   A follow-up phone call will capture your feedback and address any additional needs. 

We look forward to collaborating with you so that a valued heirloom can take on another life as clothing you cherish. 





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