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Jazz Improv  
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Jazz Improv
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Size: Large
Price: $240 plus shipping
Care: Machine wash "Delicate" setting
Press slightly damp on "Linen"

This piece is made of ecru-dyed antique linens - an early 1900s pristine top sheet from Uruguay and early 20th century table napkins from the US.

The design for this tunic emerged from the artist's exploration of linen-on-the-bias and what effects could be created from linens of different texture and drape. It just got more and more interesting as themes were sounded and repeated, always with a slight variation - like jazz improvisation. You can explore its many possible variations by using some or none of the internal buttons. Whether worn crisp or slouchy, this tunic pairs comfortably with leggings and slacks, especially calf-length loose-fitting pants.

For a cool woman who is full of surprises.


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