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Size: Large (Waist 32" Hips 48")
Price: $310
Care: Wash delicately in warm water and press slightly damp on "Linen"

The skirt for the woman who loves fine embroidery and lots of it! The panels of this unique gored skirt were pieced from the many antique linen remnants left over from other Heirloom Couture garments. These are the "scraps" of embroidery, cut-lace borders and details too expertly-executed to be discarded - they just had to make an appearance somehow. This skirt even includes a delicately executed monogram.

The "mortar" joining these embroidery shards are shimmering damasks cut on the bias to add drape and movement to this spectacular patchwork. This is a generous skirt that captures hours and hours of hand needlework that made its many, many elegant pieces. It is full of spirit and care. Not for just anyone, this skirt is looking for the woman able to loose herself in wonder and appreciation of lost artistry.


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