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Waves & Clouds  
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Waves & Clouds
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Size: Medium (waist = 30”, bust = 40”)
Price: $825 plus shipping
Care: Machine wash warm
Press slightly damp on "Linen"

This white linen jacket evokes a stormy day at the ocean. The roiling sea's waves are mirrored in a sky of shifting, bumping storm clouds. Flashes of light bounce off the satin waves and their spray elegantly suggests nature's drama and power. There will never be another jacket like this one, just as each stormy second is "this moment only once".

Paired with trousers, any hostess wearing "Waves and Clouds" will be the picture of casual, friendly confidence. It's also a stunning accent for a long skirt or sheath.

The body of the jacket is fashioned from an elegantly appliqued column used as a decorative pillow casing. The sleeves are embellished with cut-lace and satin embroidery. The wide cuffs can be folded or left flat. The asymmetrical jacket fronts close with large invisible snaps at the shoulders.


Designed, Developed and Deployed by Project A
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