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Size:  Small (27” waist)
Price:  $230, plus shipping
Fabric:  Cotton percale and batik
Care:  Wash WARM w/o bleach.
Press w/steam on COTTON.

Audrey Hepburn’s tiny waist and graceful gait would have been at home in this skirt. She’d have emphasized the innocent twirl of its hem by wearing ballet flats and
tucked her lace hanky into one of its deep front pockets, ever ready to drop it -- accidentally, of course -- at an opportune moment.

Ever wish you were Audrey? If you’ve got a 27” waist (or smaller), here’s your chance.

This beauty is made from a vintage pristine percale top sheet and modern batik cotton. The oversize buttons are antique mother of pearl. It whispers “cool” on the hottest summer day.



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