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Cool Elegance  
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Cool Elegance
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Size: Medium skirt and top (waist 29” bust 36”) Large skirt only (waist 32”)
Fabric: Woven Bamboo and Linen
Price: Skirt: $200  Top: $200, plus shipping
Care: Machine wash "cold" w/o bleach
Steam on "cotton"

No design shows off good legs better than godet inset pleats.  Make those pleats Cool white triangles of beautiful, vintage linen cut-lace embroidery embedded in cool blue woven bamboo and your legs will be show-stopping! The white gores of varying depth and asymmetrical hems dance as you merely walk.  A skirt for the woman who can handle attention!

The eight gores are topstitched to make the vertical lines even more crisp and slimming. No waistband and a hidden zipper closing make this skirt sleek, comfortable and, of course, cool.

The Cool Elegance Top has a bias toward the 20’s, with its slimming bias-cut damask body and draping rectangular collar embellished with fine hand-embroidery.   Beads at the corners of the collar shape it over the shoulders and swing against the arms.  The Cool Elegance ensemble evokes the energy and style of the Flappers.


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