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Modern Cowgirl  
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Modern Cowgirl
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Size:  Medium (waist 30”)
Price: SOLD
Fabric:  Linen damask and cotton detailing
Care:  Wash cold w/o bleach
Press w/ steam on "Linen"

Cowgirls today ride a high-tech range and keep their guns (cells, laptops and PDAs) at their hips.  They also show-up at after-range cocktail parties where their guns need to be checked at the door.  This whimsical skirt will take the modern cowgirl through her day and, should she meet a wrangler for an intimate dinner and dancing later on, reverse to the inside becoming a sweet, bright, swing skirt.  Truly the skirt for the modern cowgirl’s busy life!

Detachable holster pockets make this skirt particularly fun, echoing the zany gray, white and black print that sets off the [now] bright yellow/chartreuse antique damask linen woven with giant daffodils.  This lively and versatile skirt makes a statement about the times and its wearer.



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