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Purchasing Heirloom CoutureHow to Purchase an Existing HC Creation

We invite you to view the full Heirloom Couture collection on this website.  Alll existing Quilt Coats and Linen Pieces are presented with photos and descriptions.   Many are still available for purchase.

Here’s how.  When a piece catches your eye, contact us through this website and inform us of your interest.  Because we need to determine whether the piece you have your eye on is likely to fit you, please tell us what size coat and pants you typically wear, or, if you know your actual measurements, your bust, waist and hip sizes and your height.  Since garment sizes are so inconsistent, this will only tell us whether we’re in the same ballpark or not.

If sizing looks promising, we should talk by phone.  If you’d like to purchase the HC piece “on approval’, as is usual for art purchases, we’ll ask you to send a check for the full value of the piece, plus insured shipping.  When your check arrives, it will be deposited into a sequestered account and, when it clears, your HC creation will be mailed to you.

Unless other terms are agreed upon, you’ll have two weeks to decide whether the piece is right for you.  Communication can be by phone or email.  If the garment is returned, a full refund check will be mailed to you immediately.  This system has worked well and is easier and speedier than it sounds. 

We’re very eager to find the right home and the right body for each Heirloom Couture creation!








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